Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Jukola 2012

Jag älskar det första sträcka och snitsel :-). This Jukola-weekend in finland (near Helsinki) was so nice that I can’t wait fort he next scandinavian relay. What was so nice? The terrain with its open rock areas, the start on the first row (nr 28) for Järla Orientering, 1.8km out of 5.7km marked route, running in 3rd position until control nr 3, catch up 82 places from place 126 at control nr 5 to place 44 at the finish, being in a good form when it was important (Thanks to three orienteering trainings in finland on Thursday and Friday I not only knew how to run, I also knew how to orienteer.), fooling around with the Järla-gang, running the 6th leg for ol.biel.seeland at 7 o’clock in the morning and having the feeling that orienteering in this terrain is easy.

Of course there were some moments that I could have done without. After all my mistake to control nr 4 in the venla relay, where I needed about 3.5  minutes too much to find the control. This was toooooo bad. To the 4th control I took a route with a lot of path to be sure and fast. And to keep the possibility to catch up another runner who also took this route, and benefit from her. But probably I left the path not enough sure and with too little control of the direction. I never saw the other runner again. I have the impression that, for me, the chance to have a moment of unconcentration is higher when I’m running alone. This was the case there when the mistake happend - I was completely alone in the (deepest ;-)) forest, although at 3rd position.

At the end we reached the 28th place due to better actions of my team mates. Well done Karolin, Elin and Elsa! We will start again in the first row next year :-).

Start zur Venla-Staffel mit über 1000 Teams. Ich habe es ganz links aufs Foto geschafft.

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